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Fix the soul memory and limited respawn system in dark souls II

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There are thousands of people who are having their experiences with this otherwise amazing game ruined by the poorly implemented mechanics of "soul memory" and the limited respawning of enemies. The system of soul memory is literally ruining the chances of organized player vs player combat from taking place in a game series that prides itself on it's innovative PVP play. Once a player has played more than the majority, and earned more souls he is literally alone, and the game will not pair him with anyone who has less souls than him, this means that the most dedicated players will have an extremely small pool of players to compete with. On top of that the playerbase is isolated more by the existance of seperate servers for players each new game + cycle.


Limiting the spawns of enemies detracts from the difficulty of the game, taking away the fear of death and the punishment associated with it. It strays from the heart of the series and also limits the capability of players to gain rare items they desire, including extremely finite important covenant items such a cracked orbs allowing online play. Many, many players are already complaining that there is virtually no online play occuring, no invasions are happening. The players in the invasion covenants have no means to invade due to the limited supply of invasion items and the limited amount of enemies that drop said items.

I sincerely love this game, and we would all deeply appreciate a response to our feedback. We feel that these issues are a threat to the games future and must be either removed or changed to allow proper functioning of the game.


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