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Petitioning Namco Bandai and From Software

Figure out a means to help end cheating in PvP.

The act of cheating is nothing new to the Dark Souls community (namely to those on the Xbox 360 and PC versions). However, the reason cheating runs rampant in this community is due to the fact that they know they will not be punished for it. If one were to take a glance at the leaderboards on the PC version, they could easily spot a few players with stats on their profiles that prove they are cheating. Most cheaters do not hide the fact they are not playing fair, and are actually proud of it. A solution to this growing problem needs to be found.

I understand that the act of "duping" cannot necessarily be proven, but that is not an issue to be too concerned with at the moment, and is merely (for the most part) used as a means of saving personal time.

The cheaters that need to be punished are those who are using infinite HP, stamina, etc. They are blatantly obvious either on the leaderboards or when fighting them personally.

As you can see from the above video, if a cheater is persistent enough in the arena, you cannot leave and you must then wait out the time limit as they do whatever they please, possibly even ending your Win Streak. I have also encountered multiple other cheaters so far on PC, including one that ended up in a Deathmatch that took 45 minutes for everyone to connect to, just to be ruined by someone cheating.

Some form of punishment needs to be implemented for those who are taking pleasure from ruining the game expeience for others. A trial run of whatever is decided upon could be put into place on the PC edition.

I hope something can be done to deter cheating on all platforms, but it will only get worse from here if no solution is put into motion soon.

Letter to
Namco Bandai and From Software
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Namco Bandai and From Software.

Develop a means to help end, if not simply deter, cheating in PvP.

Dark Souls is an amazing game, with an even more amazing community. Without some form of punishment for cheaters, they will continue to grow and ruin the game experience for everyone they encounter.

With cheaters finally being punished for their actions, then it is very likely many will no longer want to attempt the act of cheating.

Something must be done soon, because if this continues to go unnoticed, it will eventually be the cause of many leaving this great community for another game.


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