Apply age limits and censorship classification ratings to social media and apps.

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Prevent Child Suicides, Mental Health Issues and Developmental Issues

Access to materials online is an enormous and catastrophically influential problem for children, parents and human evolution.

I spend my life dealing with the fallout of mental health issues activated by these resources. I see the anxiety, OCD, self-harming, eating disorders and depression they cause. I see the pain in the eyes of children, parents and extended family members.

It has to be stopped.

Classifications and restrictions for drugs, films, alcohol, tabacco goods and sexual content are vital, but social media has quickly presented a much larger and more influential problem.

Inappropriate content is everywhere but moreover, the use of social media as a platform/weapon for harassment, defamation, bullying, communication of inappropriate and explicit content is causing a catastrophic rise in mental health issues and suicide.

The influence of this content is not only damaging to individuals, but also creates irreversible and far reaching negativity across society, in families, in organisations, schools, universities and impacts heavily on long-term emotional health and human development.

Digital dementia is real... developmental disorders are real... mental health issues are real... we are silently allowing our children to access the most negatively influential data and materials available.

I don;t want my kids to watch pornography and vile sexual perversion at a click... I don;t want my kids to be desensitised to death and injury... I don't want my kids to be bullied and attacked... I don't want my kids to have digital dementia and mental health issues. If you feel the same way, sign the petition!

The only solution is strict legislation and policing and application of the same restrictions society and government apply to all harmful substances and data.