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Nader to Trump: Divest your assets to avoid becoming magnet for bribery. #DivestOrImpeach

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From Ralph Nader & Mark Green:

Donald Trump will be a walking Article of Impeachment if he enters office without divesting completely from his company. Article 1, Sect. 9 of the Constitution -- the "Emoluments Clause" -- prohibits a president from enriching himself from foreign governments trying to influence U. S. policy.

Given his lifetime habit of profit-seeking and the Trump Company's wide-ranging investments, he has to make a choice sometime before his Inauguration January 20th. This petition's signers believe that he either divests all his assets to avoid the fact or appearance of a Presidency-for-sale or risk Impeachment once journalists and prosecutors expose pay-to-play scandals. 

Divestment means not only from management but also from ownership. He cannot merely create the fiction of a "blind trust" that his children manage based on buildings with his/their name emblazoned on them. Nor is it persuasive that people knew what they were voting for when a minority elevated him to the presidency since he never disclosed his tax returns or list of creditors and holdings...not to mention that all modern predecessors  divest to meet the "original meaning" of the Constitution. 

He created this quandry and only he can fix it. So will it be "AmericaFirst" or "TrumpFirst"? Public service or self-service? The choice is his, at least for now. 


See for a fuller explanation of #DivestOrImpeach.            



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