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On March 9th 2010, 19 year-old Cavona left her home in Kansas City, Kansas to meet up with a man and go out on a first date with him. That man was Hassan Abbas. He picked her up and drove her to his house because, he said, he’d just finished work and wanted to freshen up. His place was 20 miles north of Kansas City in Platte City, Missouri. Over state lines-Inside his house, according to Cavona, Hassan offered her a large glass of Hennesy and some PCP, she accepted his offer.Then, she says, he took his shower. When he returned, however, he was fully naked and wearing a condom. He demanded sex. She refused, a scuffle broke out and she shot him. A day later, Cavona was arrested. She confessed fully. During her police interview, Platte County Police used an old police trick that’s frowned upon in some circles but not illegal in any way. Midway through a conversation, the officers vacate the room. Behind them they leave a notepad and pen and suggest the suspect write a letter to someone. Or make notes. Or doodle. They then check out the pad for anything that contradicts their suspect’s official story and use it against them to build a case. The cops used the ploy on Cavona. She made copious notes, 99% of which backed up her story. One sentence, however, stood out. It suggested cunning on her part. Cunning and a little premeditation. It was all the police needed. The case was built around those few sentences. The offer of second-degree murder and admit guilt,  she could skip court and end up with a 10-year (In Missouri if a defendant does not receive probation, second-degree murder carries a minimum 10-year sentence). Reject the deal and it’s a first-degree murder charge that risks life in prison, but she would’ve gotten a trial. A chance to share her story. The ability to have her PTSD, previous rapes and abuse shared. Without having the proper counsel, and in a fragile state of mind - Cavona Flenoy, the plea. After watching her story on Netflix, I am compelled to DEMAND JUSTICE FOR CAVONA.