Injustice! Guilty Until Proven Innocent At It's Finest! Corrupt System in Chester, SC

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In this article I am pleading for justice for Quinton McClinton, a man who didn't stand a chance in a trial against a tainted and biased system.  Opinions formed about him the moment the incident occurred that resulted in him being arrested and convicted for attempted murder for defending himself against a killer.  The evidence or the lack there of, prove that he is innocent.  The incident falls under the category of self-defense but the system let his past define him instead of paying close attention to the case itself.

Quinton McClinton is a beloved son, brother, uncle, and FATHER.  He is the father of a beautiful 18 month old little girl named McKenzie. Becoming her father is his biggest accomplishment in which his acts of changing to be a better man was amplified.  He's been in some trouble in the past and obviously those troubles followed him but he is not the same person he was before. The man he is today is a loving family man who wouldn't risk anything to be away from them, especially not his daughter. Any mistakes made while he was a boy should not cost him as a man but in this case it did. He is currently serving 25 years for standing his ground against someone who intended to hurt him or worst.  

The guy Quinton was defending himself against also have a record from the past that included murdering a man with a pool stick. In that act of violence, he only served 10 years.  Even if Quinton was guilty, attempted murder with no evidence 25 years and murder 10 years?!?!  The system in this county need some help.

The incident happened at a Christmas party in 2018.  Quinton attended the party only because it was a family event.  During the party, some people were trying to provoke Quinton and ruin the party but since it was his family event, many members of the family wouldn't allow it.  It was ongoing throughout the night up until the end where a fight broke out between Quinton and the assailant.  During this fight, people started shooting including the assailant himself and Quinton was hit by a car driven by the assailant's sister.  The question I have is, how someone gets hit by a car, gets up running in the mist of bullets flying towards him and his family, some how still manages to locate a gun, and start shooting as well thus making him "the shooter".  The assailant was indeed shot that night but not by the hands of the accused.  Without thorough investigation, by the word of mouth, and clearly unreliable eye witnesses(friends and family of the assailant), Quinton was indeed arrested and charged. No one else was held responsible for any other acts that transpired that night. 

Quinton was awaiting trial in jail for a year only for the verdict to come back guilty with no evidence against him.  During the trial, only witnesses of the prosecution was put on the stand and none of the defense.  These are clear signs of injustice and we, the family, need your help to assure justice is served the right way.  Please help bring this innocent man home or at least get him a fair trial, preferably in another county, so the "evidence" alone can speak for itself and not biased opinions.  Hopefully with the this petition we can actually get a chance to fight for justice. I not only care because he's family and I love him but because the system is failing and continuing to fail to protect its citizens.  It is innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around.  In advance, I would like to thank everyone who took the time out to read my petition and strongly encourage you to sign it for your signature can be life changing.