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The NAACP should change their offensive name

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The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has an offensive name, and is offensive even to some of the very people they protect. They were founded in 1909 and perhaps at the time this name was acceptable. However, in the year 2015 we are all very aware and sensitive to the racist and discriminatory history of many things and the phrase "colored people" should be no exception.

The NAACP has felt it's time to take down the Confederate Flag, statues of confederate generals, and is even supporting Memphis in digging up graves of a Civil War general and his wife that have been in place well over a century. However, if the NAACP is looking to change oppression they need look no further than their own name. Many groups targeted by the NAACP claim heritage and history as a defense, and this defense is seen as invalid by the NAACP. If heritage and history are invalid defenses for statues, flags, and grave placements, they are equally invalid defenses to defend "colored people" in the NAACP name. It is unfair for heritage and history can't be invalid defenses for everything but "colored people" in the NAACP name. If action is being taken to go so far as to dig up deceased who have been buried longer than the NAACP has been an organization, it's time for them to put their own name to rest as well.

The term "colored" is so offensive that when Benedict Cumberbatch made remarks about how there should be more people of African descent in media, rather than focus on the actual issue of under-representation, instead the dialogue revolved around the fact he used the word "colored". If Benedict Cumberbatch can't say this term without backlash while he's trying to help, then the NAACP shouldn't have free license to use the term "colored" either. We need to cut it out across the board and by far the most common usage of the term "colored" is speaking of the NAACP name itself.

The NAACP has acknowledged "internal wrestling" within the organization on whether to change the name, and they have thus far elected to keep it. If even some members of the NAACP itself wish to change the name, it is clear a change is needed. Perhaps the NAACP hasn't yet seen the argument from these angles, and it is in our hopes that they see these points and set out to create a new name.

I propose the NAACP change it's name to support ALL people. In fact, I think the name would better work as the National Association for the Advancement of All People, the NAAAP. We're all in this together and it is time the oldest civil rights group changes with the time and acknowledges that it's not just "colored people" who need advancement, the entire human race needs advancement and we can only do that once we unify together. Alternately, if the NAACP wants to change their name yet keep the same initials (an understandable and likely economical position), perhaps the National Association for Advancement and Changing People would work as well. Truthfully, any name will work so long as it doesn't contain offensive terms such as "colored people".

There is only one race. THE HUMAN RACE. And since we are one race, we should advance together. I petition the NAACP to lead by example, and literally make a name for themselves.

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