Mysore! Are your dogs not a part of you?

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Mysore is not Bangalore. We have always made this crucial mistake of looking to Bangalore as a modicum of development,which is utterly false. Mysore is richer in terms of people,heritage and values.

Following the footsteps of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), the Mysore City Corporation (MCC) is all set to bring in a rule where licenses for pet dogs will be mandatory.

This BBMP rule is facing stiff opposition from all corners of the country.

For example, according to a petition on (References), the law lists 64 approved breeds,where standard small breeds like spaniels or popular ones like Golden Retrievers are not listed. However, the list includes unknown breeds like,Affenpinscher or Coton de Tulear.

Also noticeable, is the missing of references to native Indian breeds and dogs of mixed heritage, which will lead to a rise in the number of strays.

There are restrictions on the number of dogs a person can have, which,again, doesn't make any sense.

In spite of many other flaws,including these, the MCC wants to be "Inspired", and make a fresh proposal applicable to Mysore city limits.

Dr. SC Suresh, Assistant director of the MCC, veterinary department told SOM on 7th June,2018, that a team of officials will visit Bengaluru to study the rule implemented and prepare a fresh proposal to implement the same in Mysore.

we found these major flaws with the BBMP's proposal,

1.Arbitrary rules regarding dogs that can be kept, restricting the number of dogs and breeds that can be kept.

2.Does not address actual problems being faced, ie. ABC of stray dogs and abandonment of family dogs

3. The rule does not involve the fowl doings of illegal breeders who sell underage pups to random people online as well as via pet stores (which in the future causes many of them to be abandoned as not all dogs are meant for all families) discard sick pups and older dogs who can't be used further for breeding.

4. The rule is in violation of the constitution regarding compassion to all living creatures and is in contempt of an SC ruling.


To focus on thorough animal birth control, to target illegal breeding of pets and impose Sterilization of owned animals to control their population which also makes way for Adoption that which will help reduce number of strays and homeless animals on the streets

MCC should refer with relevant stakeholders, ie. Dog parents, rescuers, animal welfare persons and Veterinarians to help come up with feasible solutions for the underlined issues.

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