Pledge: Stop Consuming Corporate Media

Pledge: Stop Consuming Corporate Media

72 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
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Started by Born Alchemist

Stop Consuming Corporate Media

The aim of this pledge is to render the corporate media machine irrelevant as well as improve the lives of people all over the world. It's time! #cancelMSM

By signing this I pledge to completely stop consuming corporate media (MSM) regardless of what political identity I, or the shows I used to watch, have. 

  1. I pledge to first and foremost stop consuming corporate news like ABC News, Aftonbladet, AL JAZEERA, BBC News, CGTN, CNA, CNN, CTVNews, Daily Mail, DD News, The Faz, FOX News, FRANCE 24, Le Monde, MSNBC, The New York Times, ReutersRT, The Sun, The Sydney Morning Herald, Time Magazine, TV Globo, USA TodayTheWall Street Journal and Yahoo News or the equivalent of those mentioned in the country where I live.
  2. I recognize that all corporate news outlets are compromised, corrupt and only exist to serve the agenda of those that seek control; be it governments or corporations. 
  3. I recognize that all sub-genres of corporate news such as talk shows, political commentary, political round tables and comedic news programs are equally biased, corrupt and dangerous.
  4. I recognize that the polarizing aspects of corporate media create division not unity, fear not hope and hate not love.
  5. I recognize that corporate media in general aims to create a hive mind of like-minded drones that never question any official narrative or agenda.
  6. I recognize that the only way to create a more peaceful, compassionate, loving, just and positive world is to discover what we have in common rather than what makes us different.
  7. I recognize that regardless of political identity, religious beliefs or any other identity or culture I might subscribe to, I am a human being that would rather live in a world of love than hate.
  8. I recognize that corporate media is a mind virus not interested in anything but the bottom line. Even when corporate media peddles a positive perspective it always has a nefarious end goal agenda.
  9. I recognize that corporate media can never be trusted because it lacks an unbiased perspective.
  10. I will cancel any and all subscriptions to corporate media, unsubscribe to any corporate media profiles on social media as well as unfollow and block anyone peddling the corporate media agenda regardless of position.

By signing this pledge, I hereby resign my participation in corporate media and I aim to inspire others to do the same. #cancelMSM

72 have signed. Let’s get to 100!