Implement a sustainable solution for the hazardous Noida Drain

Implement a sustainable solution for the hazardous Noida Drain

7 May 2022
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Yogi Adityanath (Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh) and
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kangna Tandon


Shri Yogi Adityanath

Honorable Chief Minister

Uttar Pradesh

We seek to draw your attention to the big open dirty drain running across 87kms in Noida causing a health, hygiene, safety, and living hazard to the residents. 

Appeal to Shri Yogi Adityanath Ji Sir

This matter has been discussed at various levels by various RWAs and other stakeholders, inside and outside the Authority, numerous times over the years. We as residents of Noida humbly appeal to you to direct the NOIDA Authority to implement a sustainable solution in a time-bound manner and make this issue the HIGHEST priority issue – so that we are proud of our city and we keep the ‘nallahs’, and rivers clean. This is the vision of our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji Sir as well.

Subject: Petition to clean Noida drain and implement a long-term sustainable solution to save Noida from this drain hazard.


Why should you sign?

If you have ever been affected because of this drain, whether it be the stink, the damage to the electronics, or the vegetables that you consume along with the eye sore, then you should sign this petition that is being started with a primary goal – 

“Authority to make this issue a HIGH priority issue and give its residents a time-bound effective solution to this bane to help our city that we all live in”.

Imagine if these drains are cleaned and are transformed from being a health hazard to a clean flow of water. We will finally be sheltered from all the health risks and poisonous gasses.

If swift action is not taken, very soon the residents of this prosperous city which is the pride of Uttar Pradesh will be at a major risk of continuing to live with diseases, or migrate to safer havens for a healthy & secure future!


The Problem in Detail

Noida – A city 203 sq. km large, has 25 arterial drains which collectively cover 87 km, that’s approximately 40% of the urban city, covered with a drain! In 1976 these drains were originally constructed as stormwater drains by the water department and have become sewage drains owing to the growth in population and the urbanization of the area.

Noida authority has failed to implement effective measures to keep the drains clean and has allowed industry waste and residential sewage to be discharged into the drain without sufficient treatment via STPs before being discharged. Also, as the Laal Dora area population grew their sewage systems were never developed. It has resulted in the following:

  1. There is a stink almost everywhere we go in Noida. Depriving its people of the “Right to breath” and “Healthy living”.
  2. Almost 40% of the Noida population is forced to live in the stink, depriving us of the “Right to breath” and “Healthy living”. I myself am one of them.
  3. H2S damages copper and ACs develop leakage, so much money is wasted in repairing these by almost every resident every year. (The money saved from here alone can sustain the clean drain project)
    Farmers are growing vegetables on their land next to the drain, and these vegetables are being sold in the market. The high pollutants are entering our food chain via this route thus increasing cancer and other ailments. 
  4. These Nallahs are an eyesore and an embarrassment to a city that claims to be the “City of Apparels” and has been doing major beautification work during the last few years.


Efforts by Noida Authority – Ineffective and Not time-bound

  1. 16 Crore was sanctioned for repairing and lining the walls of the drain, however, it’s still stuck in the approvals from various govt authorities. Also Yes, repairing is the first step but not a sustainable solution.
  2. Covering the drain is not an option basis recent NGT rulings.
  3. Authority claims that Noida generates around 190 MLD of sewage, while the capacity of an STP is 231 MLD.
  4. Authority has hired WAPCOS and EIL to prepare the detailed design, estimates, and financial outlay. It’s not clear if they have been asked to provide the plan on a fast-track basis.
  5. Authority claims that various activities are being undertaken by them, including the construction of toilets, desludging, and special drives. 


Clearly, the above steps are either menial or highly ineffective or mostly on paper. Moreover, I live in sector 92, which is right next to the drain, and have never witnessed any cleaning happening in the last 12 years of my active memory.

This clearly establishes that this issue has not been of high priority for the authority.


Proposed Solution

The following steps should be undertaken on an immediate basis as this seems to be a sustainable solution basis the information available in the public domain.

As per Mr. RP Singh, deputy general manager (water and sewer) - for a permanent solution the drain's bed needs to be concretized with channels using V-notches- a thin-plate weir to obstruct open channel flow and allow water to flow over the notch upstream.
Set up STPs to separate untreated wastewater before discharging it into the drains.

We look forward to getting everyone’s support for this cause. Therefore please Sign This Petition to request the authority to initiate action for a sustainable long-term solution and bring us out of this living, health, hygiene & safety crisis...Thank you!


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Signatures: 5,794Next Goal: 7,500
Support now