Ban the Whip in Horse Racing

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A groundbreaking peer-reviewed study  released 11 November 2020 has revealed that the horse’s skin is almost identical in structure as humans and has the same ability to feel pain.

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Excerpts from the study:

“The results revealed no significant difference between humans and horses in either the concentration of nerve endings in the outerpain-detecting layer of skin (epidermis) or in the thickness of this layer.”

“These findings show that although horse skin is thicker overall than human skin, the part of the skin that is thicker does not insulate them from pain that is generated during a whip strike, and that humans and horses have the equivalent basic anatomic structures to detect pain in the skin.”

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The racing industry has for years been denying what most of us know, saying that the whip doesn’t hurt and that it is only public perception that needs to be managed.

Whip rules have changed several times in the last 12 years, yet breaches occur in almost every race. Only a small percentage are picked up and jockeys penalised. Even then, the fines are almost always minimal. Even large fines of tens of thousands of dollars (reserved for the Melbourne Cup) still fail to act as a deterrent, as has been recently proven - article here.

However, the biggest problem is not the pain inflicted by the whip, but the flight response it has on the horse who then reacts with adrenalin, trying to run beyond their physical capacity, contributing to the prevalence of catastrophic injury, bleeding in the lungs and heart attacks as is documented annually in our Deathwatch Reports.

The only solution, so long as horse racing persists, is to allow horses to run without fear inducing and pain inflicting implements, allowing them to slow down if they need to. That means ending the use of whips, spurs, tongue ties and cruel bits- all designed to make the horses comply through learned helplessness techniques.

The state racing authorities and Racing Australia are currently debating the future of whip use in Australian horse racing. Send them and the racing ministers a message that horse racing is cruel enough without these instruments of cruelty.

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