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Myer, Schwepps and Boag's Draught: Stop sponsoring horse racing

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Racehorses begin the suffer right from the start, they are separated from their mothers at an early age and thrown into training long before their body is anywhere near mature enough to handle it.Since running at high speeds over long distances is not natural to horses many will show resistance to conventional training methods and therefore pain and fear will be used to force them into submission.

Close to 18,000 racehorses are discarded each year because they are too slow or injured, they end up in knackeries or abbatoirs, turned into pet food or meat for human consumption.

This is no way to treat such beautiful animals, let Mysr, Schwepps and Boag's know that until they stop sponsoring the SAJC and all other racing clubs then you will not be supporting them by buyng their products/shopping at their store.

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