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My son was bullied to death. It's time for national anti-bullying laws.

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** Trigger warning: this petition deals with issues of suicide. If you need support, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or by clicking here or contact the Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800 **

During Year 8 my son was bullied to death

This petition isn't easy to write. Just sitting here sees my mind flash up the image of finding Josh where he'd hanged himself in our backyard. Of the hospital room where we saw him slip away from us. I cry knowing there has been no justice for our Josh.

He was a kid who was full of life. He was a bubbly, happy boy who was also very talented. But somewhere in the middle of grade 8 everything started to change.

A group of boys started taunting him. For months we couldn't get it to stop. He started stealing money for them on the promise they’d go away. We asked the school to step in - they just said he should go elsewhere.

As a last resort, I started lining up a job for him at the council to get away from it. But while everyone else was celebrating "anti-bullying week" last year my son was being horrifically bullied on the bus ride home.

The week after Josh died they were doing burnouts on my lawn.

The kids who pushed him to it have no consequences at all - they don’t even know that what they did was wrong. We have to show them that this isn’t ok.

Bullying is rampant in Australia. 300 young people took their own lives last year, many involving bullying. Yet there are no anti-bullying laws in Australia (except Victoria) - exactly what the National Centre Against Bullying said was needed last year.

Too many lives have been lost and impacted by these people. It's ridiculous that in today's society there are still no laws to deal with it - how will they ever learn that this behaviour is unacceptable without some form of punishment? How will we ever actually stop this bullying?

I’m asking the Australian and Queensland Governments to introduce laws against bullying.

It needs to happen.

My story appeared in the Courier Mail recently here.

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