Petitioning Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper and 7 others

My sister was murdered by an immigrant who was ordered to be deported after being found as a danger to citizens and was released then committed murder!

March 30, 2011 my Twin sister Jenna Cartwright was murdered by Bashir Gaashaan.

Bashir Gaashaan is an illegal immigrant that came to canada with his family in the early '90's.

We reported my sister missing April 12, 2011. Jenna's partially clothed body was found in a ditch near Olds, AB May 3, 2011. We are told she died March 30, 2011. Bashir Gaashaan has been charged with first degree murder, unlawful confinement and indignity to human remains. Trial is in February 2014. 

In 2009 Bashir Gaashaan was ordered to be deported after being found as a danger to citizens as well as a flight risk. The CBSA fought for him to be deported while the Immigration board let him go on conditions. Bashir then fled and Immigration board put out a warrent for his arrest. He then committed more crimes, then Murder until he was finally caught and put in remand.  

Bashir has a long list of criminal acts he has committed in the past. Bashir was ordered to stay residing in Toronto, Ontario but kept coming to Red Deer, Alberta. Bashir has been charged with assault, theft, drug trafficking and much more and all crimes were committed in Red Deer, AB.

Why is it that the government didnt deport him after his first crime? why did the government not ensure he was not leaving Toronto. It took him murdering my sister for him to be arrested. All of his other charges will piggy back on the murder charge. It took 2 years until we found out how she died and we are still awaiting trial as Bashir does not want to be deported and is trying to find ways around it.

Bashir will serve his sentence in Canada and then he will be sent back to Somalia. Why do we have to pay the price for his crime, the hurt the pain and also all of us tax payers have to pay for him to stay in jail!!

We need this to stop! we need our government to be stricter and to ensure Canadian citizens are not in danger. This petition will help with us to pursue a law suit against the government, and most importantly we want this to never happen to another family again.

Please sign this petition not only for Jenna's family and friends, but for her 4 year old daughter Jayda who will never know her mother!

This petition has nothing to do with race. My family is not racist what so ever, this has to do with immigration laws and we would like to make this clear as we are noticing some are basing this on racism. The issue is not race, or religion.

 Please share via email, facebook and twitter. Please sign this petition if you agree, we need alot of signatures to make a difference! 

Letter to
Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper
Mayor of Thunder Bay, Ontario Keith Hobbs
Mayor of Red Deer, AB Morris Flewwelling
and 5 others
Chris Alexander Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
Canada's Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Muticulturalism Jason Kenney
Mayor of Red Deer, AB Tara Veer
Mayor of Whitecourt, AB Trevor Thain (Mayor of Whitecourt, AB)
Councillor Cindy Jefferies (Councillor)
Send immigrants back to their country after first offence, dont wait until they muder someone for them to be deported!