My sister was murdered by an immigrant who was ordered to be deported after being found as a danger to citizens and was released then committed murder!

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My sister was murdered by an immigrant who was ordered to be deported after being found as a danger to citizens and was released then committed murder!

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March 30, 2011 my Twin sister Jenna Cartwright was murdered by Bashir Gaashaan.

We reported my sister missing April 12, 2011. Jenna's partially clothed body was found in a ditch near Olds, AB May 3, 2011. We are told she died March 30, 2011. Bashir Gaashaan has been charged with first degree murder, unlawful confinement and indignity to human remains. Bashir plead guilty to second degree murder and indignity to human remains on October 19, 2015.

History on Bashir:

Bashir Gaashaan Arrived to Canada with his family in the early '90's from Somalia. He Acquired permanent residency in 1997. Bashir soon fell into a life of crime and in 2009 due to two convictions that constituted "serious criminality"  Bashir faced a hearing at the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) where the Canada Boarder Services Agency (CBSA) asked that he be deported and detained until his day of deportation due to him being a flight risk and a danger to citizens.

Bashir filed a "Danger Opinion"  

That’s an order issued by the Minister of Immigration, stating the danger to Canada outweighs the risk to an individual being sent back to a potentially unsafe country. Being federal paperwork with legal status, danger opinions are very slow in being completed - The board ordered the deportation but the IRB said that would be unfair to hold Bashir until he was deported as the deportation process could be lengthy, so they released him on conditions.

Shortly after his release - He murdered my sister.

Why is it that the government didnt deport him after his first crime? It took him murdering my sister for him to be arrested. Bashir has fired his lawyer delaying his trial and his fighting to not be deported, Bashir has asked multiple times to stay in Canada but has proven multiple times he is a danger to Canadian Citizens - He said Somalia sounds too Dangerous: “To be quite honest with you, I am not familiar with Somalia at all. From what I hear on the news and that, and Somalia being in a state of emergency, I just want to make an appeal for my case to be heard and to be able to stay in Canada.” - Bashir Gaashaan.

Bashir will serve his sentence in Canada and then he will be sent back to Somalia. This is what we have been told by the prosecutors - this is the plan. But why are we paying the price for his crime, why are we paying for him to sit in jail, paying for his food, water, health care, power, gas, clothing etc.....

We need this to stop!!!  we need our government to be stricter and to deport after first offense not after someone is murdered and lives are ruined and to ensure Canadian citizens are not in danger! This petition will help with us to pursue a law suit against the government, and most importantly we want this to never happen to another family again.

Please sign this petition not only for Jenna's family and friends, but for her daughter Jayda who will never know her mother!

*****This petition has nothing to do with race. My family is not racist what so ever, this has to do with immigration laws and we would like to make this clear as we are noticing some are basing this on racism. The issue is not race, or religion.

 Please share via email, facebook and twitter. Please sign this petition if you agree, we need alot of signatures to make a difference! 

Thank you

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This petition had 2,503 supporters

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