Right of individual Call Details. My Sister is killed. #JUSTICEFORAKANKSHA.

Right of individual Call Details. My Sister is killed. #JUSTICEFORAKANKSHA.

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Aman Raj started this petition to Hon'ble Telecom Minister Mr. Manoj Sinha (Telecom Minister of India) and

On 16th May an innocent Girl Akanksha Raj, my sister, was thrown from 9th Floor of Gem Grove Apartment in Kellambakkam in Chennai. She was on call with me and my Parents. She was alone with her husband in flat. Her husband was threatening me on call and was on call with his Family members too. Her husband's father was continuously abusing my parents on the phone. My sister was fighting bravely with him.
At exactly 12 midnight my sister's murderer called me and said "Ab Dekho Kya Hota Hai" (= Now you see what happens). I immediately called my sister but the phone was not picked up. Just after 10 Minutes I got a call from my sister's Mobile but from some unknown person stating that she had fallen from the balcony of her apartment on 9th Floor.

Thus, "Call Details" are main evidence in this case . We have asked numerous RTI , raised Public Grievances on Government of India Website and tweeted to Telecom Ministry, DOT, TRAI but all in vein.

I left everything and shifted to Chennai for impartial Investigation. I am facing alone all Lawyers, goons hired by them, his family members and Investigative agency (Who still I feel are fair). Neither the language nor any place was known to me before it. Still I stick around and moved post to pillars to get the Justice. My sister's murderer was arrested but Call Details which is main evidence could not be collected in spite of requesting number of times even to highest authority.
Without proper evidence we can't get justice.
I feel that every individual has right to get his Call Details. There is no provision or act or medium through which we can get our own individual Call Details. Either Investigative Agency or through Court Order only the Call Details can be taken out. There should be some law like RTI through which we can get our own individual Call Details (Right to individual Call Details). This will save time of the Court and Investigative Agency. This will give hope & justice to many like us.
I have started a Petition on chane.org for having some medium (Right to individual Call Details) through which we can get help to obtain our individual Call Details which will increase transparency in our case.
I hope my parents, I, our well-wishers, my friends and my sister's friends will get true support.
"We need call details" which is main evidence in my case. At least we can get call details of my Airtel number, My mother's Airtel Number, My father's Airtel Number and my sister's phone number. Please support me so that we can request Telecom Ministry, Telecom Authority to help us in providing the Call details.

In the year 2002 Mobile Phone & Sim Cards were just introduced in our country.
Now, after 15 Years, we evolved from 2G to 2.5G to 3G to 4G.
Number of Mobile Phones & Sim cards has multiplied manifolds.

In reply to one of the many RTIs filed by us we got to know that.
A law, which was formed in the year 2002, denies Telecom Service Providers to provide Call Details except to security agencies.
Either we can ask for Call Details legally or only Investigative Agencies (Police) can take call details.

Police has not taken call details in my case , which is the main evidence. Why do we need to go legally and suffer more after the demise
of my sister to get my own call details?

Private TSP can hide the Phone Number through which I receive Calls and can just give us Call Timing & Duration.
BSNL provides call details through RTI. Then why we have two different rules for Private TSP & Government TSP.
In pursuance of the Licence agreement clause 41.10 of UAS Licence , clause 44.9 of CMTS licence
and clause 5.9 of the amendment issue by Department of Telecommunications (DoT) vide letter 842-
47/2002-VAS dated 12th August 2002, the service provider has to submit the call Data Records
(CDRs) of all specified calls handled by the system , as and when required by security agencies only.

Kindly support the cause and help me get justice for my sister.

Thank you


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0 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!
At 10,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!