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Not to Get Rid of my Pet Guinea Pig

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This petition might sound ridiculous in your eyes however, it is much more important then you think it is. Every year about 4 million animals are euthanize by shelters each year because of overpopulation. This is equivalent to one animal every eight seconds. My parents gifted me Mr. Fatty (my guinea pig) for my 14th birthday. He's probably one of the most adorable and loving living beings I have seen. But, my parents never seemed to "like" him. They believe he's a rodent/pest. Why did they give him to me in the first place? Because, I had wanted a pet for so long. They thought a guinea pig would be the easiest (maintenance wise) one to keep. Anyways, they soon realized how much poop Mr. Fatty produced on a day-to-day basis and became very angry. I have owned Mr. Fatty for 3 months now, but each day my parents seem to become more agitated. Until, they finally "dropped the bomb" and decided Mr. Fatty would be surrendered at the local Humane Society. This left me heartbroken, not just because I was attached to Mr.Fatty but because it isn't fair to him. He loves his home and his new "family". I knew this because I have seen it in his eyes. Sending him to the local Humane Society is going to add on to their overpopulation problem. Therefore, please sign this petition and save an animal from dying and losing a good home. Mr. Fatty is not a pest/rodent but a great companion. My parents might never understand what a lovable creature he is. My dad believes taking care of him "isn't my cup of tea." However, I believe that everything happens for a reason. It is my destiny to take care of Mr.Fatty until he passes away! When my parents informed me that Mr.Fatty would be leaving in two days, I started spot cleaning his cage even more often. I have found more effective methods on the internet on how to keep his cage cleaner. I'm sorry for rambling and will be forever grateful if you sign this petition. Thank you for you time and "Save Mr.Fatty (aka Duggu)".

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