Help change my parents mind on letting me go see BTS

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As many of you know BTS is a massive k-pop group with a massive world wide influence. Many call BTS the world’s biggest boy band which takes them completely out of their category of k-pop as well. Recently the group announced a world tour would be happening where they would be going to different countries such as America, Canada and Germany. One of these countries, that was included, was England. More specifically London. The concerts are to be held on 9th and 10th October 2018 at the O2 Arena, London. For a standard ticket, the prices are estimated at around £60. This would be the ticket I would be looking to get. Further more, I have previously been to a G-dragon concert and a standard ticket had been priced at £80. This making the BTS concert tickets around 25% cheaper. The BTS concerts falls on a Tuesday and a Wednesday and unfortunately not during the October half term holidays. In October I will still be in secondary school so this is a problem. Due to the fact that London is a six hour drive there and back it would make it so it’s a two day trip. This would mean missing out on school for two days. However previously I have had almost a week off of school due to being very ill and another one, the next year, for school being closed due to snow. Our school has a system where you can ask teachers for work to fill you in on what you missed on days you were sick or snow days. This would be what I intend to use if I am to be allowed to see the group. If there’s been a week off of school then why shouldn’t there be only two? I have loved BTS for almost 2 and a half years and when I found out that they wouldn’t be coming to the uk on their previous world tour I was distraught. Now that they’re finally coming to the uk, I have been denied a chance. There is a very good chance that they may not come back to the uk for years. This is the same thing that happened in Paris and they’re only just going back to Paris now. My parents have seen first-hand how much I love BTS as I’m always listening to their music, I have posters of them, I have 2 of their albums, I have a bag with BTS’ logo on it and I even have a BTS jumper. I have already said as well that I will put forward all the money I currently own towards a ticket as well.  In conclusion I believe that their decision should be changed due to all of my arguments I have just presented. Please sign this petition in a hopes that their decision is changed.