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My mom who have breast cancer

The Nolan Family The Father died from an enlarge heart in 1994 when the daughter was just 3 years old. The Mother name is , she is 61 years old and her birthday is February 03, 1950. She have breast cancer every since her daughter was seven years old and she recently had surgery in December 2010,hopefully to be cancer free but a couple months later the cancer came back and got worster. Recently her mom can hardly pay the bills and buy food for the house and feed her own self. Also the daughter aunt died of stomach cancer in 2006 and her daughter was devastated by it. The daughter was in Special Ed while in school and recently got diagnosed with developmental delay. Her mother cry every day because of her sister died of cancer and her father not here with them. Also, her mother cry every day because they don't know if they will survive tomorrow or have to go to a homeless shelter for help.Her father was also part of the army before he died. Antranette is planning on joining forces in the army to fight for her country within 2 years. Why is this family deserving for a home makeover? The reason why this family is deserving is because her daughter love to help other people when they need it and she help others then her self. She volunteer whenever she have a chance to.She volunteer at her old high school Memphis academy of science and engineering in the offices and also volunteer at her college library Southwest Tennessee Community College on Union for a year. She enjoy volunteering at Memphis Inter Faith Association on Vance RD. she helped homeless people and elder people. One time she took time out of her family schedule to deliver food to the elder people. She is also working on the Pepsi Refresh Project to help the women's who are fighting for this country, who are veterans of the USA. Every time she get money she will always want to donated it to the Save The Children program because she love kids so much. Her mother would love to volunteer but she can't because of the breast cancer. Although her daughter is Developmentally delay she love to learn and she love to do her school work. The repairs that this family need desperately. In the Kitchen, the ceiling have mold all over the walls and recently the refrigerator when bad and they have to throw out worth of 200 dollars of food and they also have to borrow a small refrigerator from a family friend. The cabins are so small that it is not enough room to put all of the containers in there, so they have to keep it out on the table and counter. They have broken furniture through out the house because they don't have enough money to pay for the repairs. The dishwasher doesn't work at all and in the den the sofa is so old that pieces are breaking apart from each other and can hurt someone. Also, the ceiling in the den also need a repair and in the hall way they had to put some wall cement up because their was a hole in the walls from the doors knobs. The closet in the hall way is very tiny its not enough room to keep it organize so they have to ball it up yo put in there and they have to put it in the den behind the chair on the floor. In the two bathroom there is ceiling damage and her mother can't take a bath without almost falling all the time getting in and out and the shower head does not work correctly the water comes out of the ceiling. in the other bed room they don't have enough storage room to put there winter, summer and fall closet so they put in one room and build it and that room have spiders webs and broken bed and a hole in the whole and the mother bed room she don't have no where to put her shoes so she put them under the chair and out in the walking area and at night she cant see very well so most of the time she fall or trip over them and in her daughter she a college student and she doesn't have a laptop to do her online school work and so she have to be on her bed doing her work because it is no quite place and no room to do her work at. She have to put her clothes and ball it up to put it somewhere and she have no room to put any of her items and the carpet in her room is almost 80 years old and its mold and every thing in it. One day when it was storming her window had blew out and they cant get it fix and its a hole in the wall and she cover it up with posters. She also wants to be a singer it is not quiet place for her to do it and love to listen to her role model rihanna. Thank you! please chose this family they definitely & desperately need your help !!!!!!!

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  • To please help my family get on the ABC @extremehome Makeover

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