Maintain food safety and food hygiene in India's eating places.

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According to the 

World Health Organisation estimates, around two million deaths occur globally, every year, due to food and water contamination. On

  World Health Day, we delve into this year’s theme, 

food safety

Unsafe food can cause 

cancer and 

neurological disorders. The most common symptoms of food-borne disease are 

stomach pains, 


diarrhoea. Food contaminated with heavy metals or with naturally occurring toxins can also cause long-term health problems including cancer and neurological disorders. Adulteration of milk is another problem. Milk suppliers add salt to slow down the decomposition process of milk and often, cane sugar is added to it. Consumption of such milk lead to multiple 

health hazards.

The government has certainly passed enough laws about food hygiene. It is our responsibility to follow those rules, and understand our role in the process. It will result in better living and health conditions