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My Official Facebook Fan Page Was Deleted For Speaking Up About Issues That Affect Women

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My name is Vanessa de Largie.

I'm a journalist, actress, author, sex-columnist and blogger.

My work primarily focuses on feminism, fierce female sexuality and women's issues.

My Official Facebook Fan Page Was Deleted For Speaking Up About Issues That Affect Women.

Please help me to have it restored and stop the oppression of female sexuality, bodies and voices.

My Facebook Fan Page had over 5000 likes and was removed without warning on June 14th 2017.  According to Facebook they had received 'negative feedback' about my page.

I have filled out every form on Facebook and written to their customer support team. All I receive back is generic emails and messages.

Facebook apparently supports freedom of speech and women. Yet it has taken away my platform to shed light on these issues.

I'm currently in London pursuing my dreams. I'm studying acting as a 'visiting international artist' at the London Actors Centre.  

My one-woman-show about my brutal rape recently premiered in a showcase at the Tristan Bates Theatre in the West End.  You can read about that performance in an article published on The Huff Post.  And in July, my one-woman-show  has 3 performances at the Lost Theatre off West End.

I'm a prolific journalist and sex-columnist for publications such as Maxim Magazine, Penthouse Magazine, RendezView, The Daily Telegraph and many more.

I'm  also an author of award-winning books about domestic violence and sexual assault.

I have spent the last 20+ years of my life pursuing my dream.  And the last 3 years of my life building my social media platform and developing relationships.

So on JUNE 14th 2017, when my Facebook fan page was deleted/removed -- one can only begin to comprehend my dismay. This is a platform where I share my life's WORK. 

Gratefully, Facebook have restored my personal account  which is a blessing .


THEY HAVE NOT restored my verified and official Facebook page which USED to sit at this url:

Everything has been taken away from me in a SNAP.  I'm unable to connect with followers or my niche market. I'm you can imagine.  It's having a huge affect on my business and ability to make a living.

And as per usual with life...the key is TIMING.  

I'm in rehearsal for my one-woman-show.  I don't need this shit!

Here is my website.  

If you value me and my work --

I ask and beg of you to sign the petition and help me get my Facebook Fan page resurrected.

Thank you for your love and kindness.














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