Daughter of NSW Police Officer making a heartfelt plea for Justice.

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Hi my name is Ebony Singh. We are descendents of Aboriginal/ Anglo-Celtic/Sikhs. We are Australians. Sikhs believe in honest living, meditation and sharing our honest earnings with others. We believe in equality, justice and protection for all. Sikhs don’t cut their hair and beard.

But our dad has been a victim of injustice, inequality and racism. Our dad is NSW’s first and only baptized Sikh police officer who has faithfully served the force for ten years. 

But right now, he is on leave as he's suffering from Post Traumatic stress Disorder and Major Depression after years of facing racial harassment, bullying and discrimination at work by his colleagues because of his uncut beard and faith. We are heartbroken that our dad had to live through that. 

Even though the department was aware of the continued racial discrimination our dad was subjected to, no action was taken to protect him. Instead, his colleagues covered up the misconduct and prevented an impartial, independent investigation from taking place.

We need more accountability in the system. We miss going out and enjoying holidays with our dad. We want our dad to get better and be like before.

I know my dad’s colleagues threatened to hold him down and cut his beard, called him names and bullied him for over five years.

We have learned from our father the values of serving the community, forgiveness and compassion. We must do better and go beyond tokenistic diversity to truly include people of all faiths and backgrounds. 

Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland Police Force have already amended their policy to allow Sikh officers to keep their five articles of faith freely without hatred, harassment and discrimination from their work colleagues. Victoria Police has also made efforts to educate their staff about tolerance and respect for members of Sikh race. Sikhs serve in police forces in many western countries and have been considered loyal to The CROWN.

It is high time that NSW follows suit and protects hard-working Australians like my dad. 

Had there been legal protection, he might not be living with mental illnesses right now. Our entire family is deeply affected by what happened to him. 

This is not the Australia we were born in.

Let's call on NSW Police and premier of New South Wales to step in and make this change to stop discrimination within the police force.

Together we can make this positive change. So no one else will have to go through the same racism as our dad. Please sign and share my petition. 


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