Please Change the Warface Economy System (loot boxes) and Upgrade The Servers!

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Hello, Crytek, and Mail.Ru,
I have been playing Warface since late 2015, and I'm pretty upset with your game economy, and bad server problems. Let's get started with this.

**Game Economy**
First this game is Pay 2 Win. People can complain that the game isn't really pay 2 win but it is. To get top GOD TIER weapons you must roll boxes that cost 60 Kredits . Better yet the boxes drop a temporary or permanent and the drop percent is about 0.1. Not only is this outright retarded system but this is a cruel way to gamble. Lets calculate this, 60 kredits a roll for 5000 kredits(50 USD dollars) is 80 rolls (rounded estimate real number is 83.333). With this temporary crap for drops you either get the gun for 1 hour(mostly) or maybe for 1 day. It's a created way to make people spend their hard earned money and it's basically a slot machine casino type. Let's watch a video.

I borrowed this video from Swiss Warface. I did not pay Swiss Warface to do this for me. I just happened to found his video on Youtube one day. Link is here:  

So, Swiss buys 1800 kredits that about 18 dollars which is 30 rolls total. As you can see in his video he is frustrated that no permanent has yet been dropped but, what a great way to spend your money to get temporary weapons for either 3 hours, 1 hours, or 1 day. This is a ripoff.

The second video is posted by Youtuber Numb3r1. Again I did not pay him to make this video, simply found it on Youtube as well. Link is here:

This second video shows him buying 10,000 kredits which is 100 Dollars USD. Yet again it shows how crap the system in rolling loot boxes is. He rolled 166 boxes and only got the Cv-12 shotgun for 8 days. Yes, you heard correctly 8 days, NOT 30 days, 8 days. 100 dollars worth of boxes and you get a gun for 8 days? Wow. With 100 dollars that literally two whole paid games. This is outright the worst loot box system for a free-to-play game.

Also you have the smuggler card which also follows the line toward p2w. Why? Posted by a user on Youtube by Banana Power he wrote:

"Example: you have 4000 kredits, first 1600 kredits you get nothing, but when u open boxes after that, when u have less than 2450 kredits, then you suddenly get the smugglers card.
Because of this you now have to buy more kredits so you are able to buy the gun permanently. Let me tell you how this works.
When you have less than the required amount of money to buy the gun with the smugglers card, the chances of you actually getting a smugglers card increases. This is just one of those moves of to rob you from your money, and thus the reason i stopped playing this p2w game. "

If that is really true than then the smugglers card is stupid. Also, talking about the smugglers card, it's not cheap. The card costs about 2450 kredits which is roughly 25 dollars USD. Guess what? It's not even gold, wants you to pay 25 dollars for a 1 standard gun and that's it. Let's get real here, 25 dollars for 1 gun is expensive as hell when it doesn't even have any buffs like toward zombies/cyborgs. You could literally buy another game for 25 dollars and get way more content and no BS. By the end of the day, you want to know your spending 25 dollars for 1 gun, thats it. 25 dollars for 1 gun. It that worth 25 dollars?

No. I think for a fact the gun should be cost around 500-1000 kredits for standard(5-10 Dollars USD), gold can be about 2500 kredits for permanent (25 dollars USD).  Weapon skins should cost about 5 dollars(500 Kredits). There are no balances in this system, it all based on luck and BS. A change needs to be made.


Make all the weapons available to be bought by Warface dollars(in-game currency) including kredit guns. Make the guns be priced around 10,000-100,000 warface dollars for a permanent gun. Make the weapon skins only to be purchases by kredits 5-10 dollars depending on exclusives or rariety. Body skins for character can also be 5-10 dollars as cosmetics(these don't affect gameplay). Make gold guns purchasable with kredits or have a marketplace selling them about, 1500-2500 Kredits (roughly 15-25 Dollars USD) and your set.


Please for the love of god upgrade these poorly placed servers. I live in Florida, USA and most time the game places me into a china server. Why? Stop placing me in China server I don't even live there. Is it because no one is playing Warface? The player count in the USA is probably really low about 6,300 players (combine with Steam and rounded estimate)

Link is here:
plus steam:

The reason why the NA player count is so low is because the western gamers hate your P2W BS for the changed shop economy, which are loot crates and overpriced Kredits. Listen you HAVE to COMMIT toward the players if you want us to spend money. Fix these server bugs, remove the horrible loot kredit boxes and I'll start the send some money in this game.

This petition will be emailed and sent toward and Crytek Directly till we get enough signatures on I will keep updating on this post. Thanks.

**Also funding is not a necessary but it does help the petition process. If you just want to sign that is fine with me. Funding goes DIRECTLY toward the petition not to myself. **