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My 30 year old cousin has lived in the UK her entire life.Don't deport her #Justice4Cynsha

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My cousin Cynsha was born in 1986 at Hammersmith & West London hospital and has lived in Britain all her life.

In 1983 the law changed meaning if none of your parents were British citizens at the time of your birth you automatically are not British. Cynsha was told this only two weeks ago- and was unexpectedly detained in the Home Office for 7 hours and almost deported to Barbados where her mother was born. Now she is at threat of being thrown out of the only country she knows to be her home.

For 30 years my cousin has believed she was a British citizen. Growing up she had been given a National Insurance number and holds a British birth certificate. She has 4 siblings who were all born before 1983 which means they all have British passports.

Please sign my petition calling on the Home Office to let cousin stay in the UK with her family

She a single mother of two children aged 5 & 9. Cynsha and our family are constantly on edge knowing they will try to deport her and she could be torn away from her family. Cynsha’s eldest son has Nephrotic Syndrome (leaking kidneys) and has to attend hospital appointments regularly and take medication daily. If Cynsha is removed from the UK, it could be life threatening for her child as he may not be able to receive the medication he needs.

This situation means Cynsha is now unable to work, you can’t have a job when your citizenship application is being processed. Her home is at risk and she has no funds to pay for legal advice and a solicitor to assist her with her application for (ILR) & Naturalisation. As her family, we are trying to do what we can to support her.

Cynsha says “Sometimes in life when you are so down and have nowhere to go reaching out is so hard to do but I am at a real desperate time. In my life never experienced anything so scary and if I can get help to remain in the UK I will be eternally grateful to every single person who has read my story and helped me with this arduous journey I have ahead of me.”

If you would like to help support by means of funds, here is Cynsha's Go Fund Me page. 

Please help my cousin and our family by signing this petition. Thanks for all your support x


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