Help save my emotional support mini pig from being taken away from me.

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My miniature pig's name is Weats and she is my Emotional Support Animal (ESA). There have been calls to code enforcement about a pig being on the property. The complaints just state that there is a pig in the house. None of them state that she's loud, dangerous, or a disturbance. The city is making me get rid of her because of zoning laws that prevent "large animals" in the city. "Farm animals" fall into the "large animals" group. Miniature pigs are not used on farms and are domesticated. There are dogs that are much bigger than most, if not all mini pigs. Weats is about 175lbs but only the size of an English Bulldog. She is up to date on all vaccinations and goes to the vet regularly. She completed obedience school, is potty trained, smart, clean, does multiple tricks, and sleeps on the bed with me. She is very sweet with family and strangers alike.

I have had Weats for over 3 years without any problems or complaints made. The reason a call was made after 3 years of her living with me, was beacuse of an ex roommate of mine. I caught him shooting Weats with an airsoft pistol via security cameras I have on my property. I showed the video of this incident to police and he was then force to leave my property. As an immature act of retaliation, he then anonymously called code enforcement about me having a pig.

Weats is my registered ESA. The city says that I can have a dog or a cat as an ESA but unfortunately, I am allergic to the fur of those animals.

If I don't comply, they will confiscate Weats. I want the city to exempt me from these zoning laws or for the city to simply change these city ordinances to allow mini pigs in the city. Your help will be greatly appreciated as Weats and I can't live without each other and moving out at this time is not financially possible for me. If you have a pet I'm sure you can relate to my issue, as nobody wants to be separated from a loved one. If I succeed, Weats can live the rest of her life stable and happily. If I don't succeed, I don't know where she'll be taken, what will be done with her, and quite frankly, if she'll even continue to live. It is not right to be forcefully separated from your family, your pets, or your loved ones.

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