Vote NO-- First Amendment to MVWSD Agreement for Employment of the Superintendent

Vote NO-- First Amendment to MVWSD Agreement for Employment of the Superintendent

July 1, 2020
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MVWSD Board of Trustees
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Why this petition matters

Dear Board of Trustees,

Many parents of the Mountain View Whisman School District recently learned about a fringe benefit in the form of a $1.2 million home loan as an amendment to the Superintendent’s Agreement for Employment. This item is currently on the July 2, 2020 MVWSD Board Meeting- Regular Agenda, item VIII J. 

Parents who signed this petition demand that you vote “NO” on the First Amendment to MVWSD Agreement for Employment of Superintendent.


  1. First and foremost, the MVWSD should not be in the business of granting home loans to any personnel. The District funds are public funds intended for the education and development of our District’s students.
  2. Equally as important point #1, we are facing great uncertainty with the COVID-19 pandemic. School reopening plans are in flux and districts will be required to meet measures dictated by the CA Department of Education, Santa Clara Public Health, Centers for Disease Control, Santa Clara County Office of Education, and the Sacramento County Office of Education.
  3. State education budgets are stretched. As a district, we need to plan for meeting measures indefinitely and to pivot for a multitude of learning scenarios. With the $1.2 million, the District should be hiring counselors, school nurses, and janitors. We need to provide PPE and specialized equipment. We need to invest in teacher training and programs to deliver quality education remotely and indefinitely.
  4. The funds for this home loan will directly benefit only one individual. The Superintendent will financially profit a minimum of 60% to as much as 100% of proceeds should he sell the home. None of that profit will be realized by teachers, school programs, students, or the community-at-large.
  5. The interest rate for this loan is not stated. Interest rates at an all-time low and with the Superintendent’s salary of nearly $300,000, he could obtain a low-interest loan with various lending institutions - that are in the business of lending, unlike MVWSD.

After reviewing the agenda item, parents who have signed this petition are angry and appalled by the lack of transparency leading to this First Amendment. We are left with more questions.


  • What is the funding source for this home loan? 
  • Was a cost-benefit analysis done and what is the benefit to the District? 
  • What are the consequences if the Superintendent defaults on the loan? Who loses in this transaction?
  • How long has the District been researching this benefit? During that process was there any consideration that the public should be informed? 
  • If this loan has benefits to the district, what are those benefits? 
  • Why hasn’t there been outreach to the community to help us understand what is being offered? 
  • Do the MVWSD Board of Trustees remember their fiduciary responsibility to the community of schools and students?


The MVWSD Board members have been elected by the public to have the interest of student education, budgets, and operations in mind. By the nature of that election, the community expects that elected officials will represent the community. This process lacks transparency: 

  • It was never discussed with the community as a term of employment renewal
  • It was buried deep in the agenda item.

How can we have faith in our Board of Trustees if we do not believe you are being open and making decisions on our behalf? How can you vote on our behalf if you don’t reach out and engage us in the decision-making process?

We demand that you vote “No” on this First Amendment language that gives a $1.2 million home loan, a fringe benefit to the Superintendent. This loan does not benefit students or staff in this global crisis. Please represent us appropriately and exercise your responsibility to the public by voting against this loan.

Mainini Cabute 

Prem Andrzejek




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Signatures: 1,080Next Goal: 1,500
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