Musically NEEDS to change

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Musically has changed so much in a bad way in the last year alone. Many musers have seen the unwanted changes and have voiced, "we want the old musically back!" reps voice the glitches and bugs, but see nothing happen in return. It's been obvious to many musers that it is dying and they want to push them to the tiktok app for international users. 

As of the newest update Musically has changed the look of the app and now looks like Tiktok and although Musically will answer and say there are differences, the similarities are too close to Tiktok though that we as musers do not appreciate.  

It is also obvious they don't want to listen to the consumers anymore.

Many people who earned badges and features have gotten them removed for no reasons and if there were reasons it was very bad reasons. People worked hard for badges and the global features. These are just small things musers have seen that we've not liked one bit.

We want as musers and users at this point is to be heard. Please change the organizational structure of Musically. Either begin a public relations department to listen to the consumers and actually act on their complaints or recommendations. If not that, then bring back the reps who can be your public relations team who will listen to the musers and can watch out for bugs and report them to you as an organization for you to fix.

Although we live in a time were people complain a lot, we as musers have a right to be upset at the direction Musically is headed. We love the app and remain on it for the fun we can have by producing the content we love. Whether it be lip sync, dance, slowmo, edits, transitions, sports videos, trends or anything other video.

Our voices need to be heard. 

Musers: If you agree with all stated above then sign this and share it. This is our time to get our voices heard.

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