Nahko and Medicine for the People sexual abuse allegations

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"We" the signees of this petition are calling on venues to stop booking Nahko Bear, aka Nahko and Medicine for the People. There have been several allegations in the past of sexual abuse towards young women by Nahko and members of his band. He has been banned from a few festivals for this behavior with hopes that he would change, but this behavior is persistent. There are currently allegations of underage fondling, sexual grooming, and sexual abuse/intimidation. The courageous women that spoke up and brought to light these allegations have been threatened, harassed, and have been treated by Nahko fans in ways that are unacceptable. Not only fans have come forward but other artists that have opened for Nahko, or performed in the same festivals.
We are standing in solidarity with the victims of sexual abuse, and are currently brainstorming with festival promoters in order to create a safer experience for attendees. Due to Nahko and medicine for the peoples continued treatment of women, we do not feel there are any options to making the concerts safe for women to participate. Not only are we worried about the safety of these young Ladies, we are worried about the repercussions of our beloved venues if more allegations come to light, after we have petitioned the banned booking of Nahko. We all want to enjoy the concert experience, and we all want to know that venues are a safe place to do so.