Music Festivals: Don't support animal cruelty and climate chaos!

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Festivals across the UK are allowing McDonald’s to give away free chicken McNuggets and they couldn’t care less about the cruelty and climate destruction they are supporting in the process. McDonald’s reckless pursuit of positive marketing means that whilst these McNuggets appear to be free, the environment is paying the price, along with the millions of chickens which suffer in their supply chain every single day. Our festivals shouldn’t partner with a company like McDonald’s!

I love festivals as much as anybody else but I was so shocked and disappointed to hear that several festivals are letting McDonald’s give out free chicken McNuggets en masse. It is completely irresponsible for so many reasons. Not only are we facing the biggest climate disaster of our time, with meat production and consumption being one of the top causes of this and scientists saying we have to reduce the amount of meat  we eat, but McDonald’s is already at the centre of an animal welfare scandal over the horrendous conditions they keep their chickens in.

By giving away free meat, they are laughing in the face of climate change, sneering at anyone who cares about animal welfare or where their food is sourced from. This is not okay. We are in an era of change, where large companies and huge public events are FINALLY sitting up and taking notice of what is happening around us. So many organisations - and other festivals - are taking positive steps to protect our world and the animals in it. And yet, McDonalds, along with Wireless, TRNSMT, Y Not?, Reading and Sundown Festival, think they can get away with this. Not this time! The public, McDonald’s customers, and festival-goers are waking up and asking for change.

Chickens raised for McDonald's are a special breed of chicken, they grow so large so fast that many are unable to even stand under their own weight, and instead lie listlessly on the floor unable to reach food and water. They are crammed in filthy barns where they are forced to stand in their own waste, which becomes so concentrated that it causes chemical burns on the chickens’ legs and body. You can imagine these conditions are not ideal for the environment either, with ammonia running off into nearby water supplies and antibiotic use being an acceptable norm.

These free McNuggets are filled with cruelty, and by festivals allowing McDonald’s to carelessly give these away on mass, they are making a clear statement: they don’t care about animal suffering, and they certainly don’t care about addressing climate change.

Please stand with me and add your voice: remove the McNugget van and stop festival partnerships with McDonald’s.