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Muse's 2013 North American Tour: Play at Power Balance Pavilion in Sacramento, California

For those of us who were there at the last tour, Muse played a killer show. The lights were crazy, the music was amazing, and the lasers were unreal. Who wouldn't want to see a show like that again? So seeing that they had posted the dates for their 2013 North American tour I found that they had listed almost everyone but us, which is dumb. WHAT THE HECK. So I am hear asking Muse to take just one day to stop here at Sacramento during their tour to play for us another amazing performance, because let's face it, it is in no way convenient for us to have to drive three hours to Oakland especially when they could easily add us to the list. So who's with me? BRING MUSE TO SACRAMENTO!

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Muse's 2013 North American Tour Muse
Play at Power Balance Pavilion in Sacramento, California

They played an awesome show last tour, and we the fans really want a convenient way to see them again. They are playing at all the same venues this tour just not ours (Power Balance Pavilion). There is a pretty solid fan-base and it would really mean a lot to know that they acknowledge and care for their us. We love Muse!

Clark Ishee and All Sacramento Muse Fans

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