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Mitch McConnell will be speaking at Murray State's commencement on May 11, 2013. Why should the graduating class of 2013 have to sit through a commencement address from an elected official that doesn't care about students?

Letter to
Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Campaign Director Bob Jackson
President of the Student Government Association Jeremiah Johnson
President of Murray State University Randy Dunn
and 4 others
Chair of the Murray State University Board of Regents Constantine Curris
Faculty Regent Renee Fister
Staff Regent Phil Schooley
Vice President of Student Affairs Don Robertson
The decision to invite Mitch McConnell to speak at the MSU graduation ceremony was a mistake. He is a divisive political figure that will alienate a large percentage of students, faculty, and family members. This recent announcement has angered many of them and a petition to prevent his appearance has been started. Lots of people have already vowed to boycott the ceremony if Mitch McConnell delivers the commencement speech. We do not support his political agenda and do not believe that MSU should be supporting and financing his campaign when he has consistently voted against funding for financial aid, student loans, teachers, and schools. Please take our opposition seriously and do not interpret this as a politically motivated attack. We just want a speaker whom all students can respect and will appreciate because our 2013 graduates deserve better.

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