Stop the 150 dog greyhound racing facility at Monarto South

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We urge the Murray Bridge Council to revoke it's decision to create an intensive 150 dog greyhound racing breeding facility at Monarto South.

Profit should never be above animal welfare. The large majority of the public are against this barbaric "sport".

Greyhounds are bred purely for financial gain and when no longer to be of use are disposed of. This is either by means of surrendering to our already struggling rescue shelters, abandoned and therefore left to starve, or they are killed. When killed this is often as young as 2-3 years old and not carried out by a Veterinarian. 

We have only just this week in Australia seen the results of Greyhound racing by the media coverage of the Greyhounds found in appalling physical states in filthy environments and other greyhounds buried together in a shallow grave.

This industry has few supporters left as more light is shed on how appalling the industry really is. 

We urge you to choose the welfare of Greyhounds over any form of profit and revoke the decision to build this 150 greyhound racing facility at Monarto South.