Justice for Murdoch University whistleblower Associate Professor Gerd Schroeder-Turk

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“Academic staff member, Associate Professor Gerd Schroeder-Turk spoke out on Four Corners earlier this year about his concerns, and the concerns of other Murdoch staff, about international student recruitment practices.

He is now being sued by Murdoch University for compensation potentially running into millions of dollars as they seek to hold him responsible for a drop in international student enrolments following the program. Murdoch has also attempted to remove Associate Professor Schroeder-Turk from his elected position on the University Senate, effectively silencing the only voice of academic staff at the highest level of university governance” Michael Evans (NTEU National Office).

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Quotes attributable to Dr Jonathan Hallett (NTEU WA Division Secretary):

“At a time when the whole world knows the value of whistle-blowers, it is an outrage that a public university that is meant to be a bastion of free speech would seek to punish the elected voice of the academic staff.”

“At its heart, this is about a maths teacher seeking to provide the best educational opportunity for all his students, and ensure the higher education institution he works for does the same.”

“If an Australian university is breaching its duty of care to any students and if its admissions processes are suspect, they should be held accountable. There should be a public investigation, not the use of the courts to silence and intimidate those who have the courage to speak out.”

“Once again Murdoch University stands alone amongst Australian universities in taking unprecedented action against those who criticise and seek to hold them accountable. This must stop.”

Quotes attributable to Dr Alison Barnes (NTEU National President):

“Academic staff not only have the right, but also an obligation to the public to speak out about matters of importance to higher education, including to criticise their employers when necessary.”

“Academic Freedom is fundamental to universities and plays a major part in their role to act as critic and conscience of society.”

Please sign this petition calling upon Murdoch University to drop the legal action against Professor Gerd Schroeder-Turk, and demand that a transparent inquiry be conducted in relation to the issues identified by the Four Corners program. It is time that Murdoch University stands accountable for its actions and is no longer permitted to behave as a law unto themselves.