Initiate a Federal Investigation into Ellis County Sheriff Office & the Midlothian Police

Initiate a Federal Investigation into Ellis County Sheriff Office & the Midlothian Police

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This petition calls for a Federal investigation of Texas’ Ellis County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO) and the Midlothian Police Department (MPD). An innocent woman was brutally murdered by an assumed Police SWAT officer more than two years ago and the “investigating agency” is withholding the truth and preventing justice, presumably to protect their own. The beginning of a national crisis is taking place in Ellis County Texas and requires Federal intervention.

Missy Bevers, 45, wife and mother of three daughters, was found murdered inside a Texas church shortly before 5:00am on April 18, 2016. Missy was a fitness instructor and was there to setup for a class but was allegedly attacked and brutally murdered by perpetrators dressed in Police SWAT tactical gear. Missy was found unresponsive by an unidentified student and later declared dead by the now retired, Ellis County Justice of the Peace. 

The circumstances surrounding Missy’s murder and the subsequent conduct of the MPD combined with the current state of this investigation constitutes a Federal case in pursuant of capitol criminal charges. 

Key Observations: 

CCTV surveillance from inside the church was grossly altered to conceal the identity of the perpetrators, yet MPD released it soliciting help from the public.

o  CCTV surveillance from the gun store across the street shows a 2012 Silver Nissan Altima circling the parking lot shortly before the murder and that video was also altered to conceal the identity of the vehicle owner and/or its passengers - yet MPD also solicited help from the public. The owner of that car has never been identified and MPD refuses to acknowledge its connection despite an anonymous source identifying the Police SWAT vest and mallet/tools inside the car well over a year ago. Several vested citizens have enhanced the videos and in doing so, recognize one or more passengers as well.

o  There are at least two perpetrators inside the church, evident by their size/frame and shoes, yet MPD insists that there is only one.

MPD led the public to believe that Missy was bludgeoned to death with a hammer because she had multiple puncture wounds to her head and chest consistent with tools that one of the perpetrators was seen carrying throughout the church, yet FBI crime data shows that Missy was shot in the head.

The MPD refuses to release any investigation reports, autopsy, 911 transcripts, etc. preventing investigative effort from outside resources.

The MPD turned away help from outside agencies (Ellis County, FBI, Texas Rangers).

Missy was known to be friends and associates with many law enforcement officials, one of which is now the lead investigator for her murder.

Missy was allegedly seen out at a restaurant with the Sergeant over MPD’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) three weeks before she was killed.

The weekend that Missy was murdered, a former ECSO Lieutenant (who abruptly retired three weeks earlier) was arrested for stealing guns from the Ellis County CID Evidence Room. Many of the firearms were tied to other serious crimes with strong evidence to suggest one of them was the murder weapon used in a 2013 MS-13 gang murder.

Missy purchased a gun 6 months before she was murdered which is when the gun theft activity reportedly began. Missy always left her gun in a specific place inside her truck. Her gun was not mentioned in any of the search warrants, including the one filed for her truck.

Missy’s murder happened within days after the gang leader rejected a 15 year plea deal and a few days before new “evidence” presented that was powerful enough to dismiss the murder charge against him. This gang leader was extradited back to El Salvador on an ICE hold to face charges for another murder and the former officer is now serving 18 months in Federal prison. The murder charges were also dismissed for 5 of the 6 gang members (with one scheduled to be released in 2020 w/ 7 years served). It is important to note that the Ellis County’s Chief Investigator, an Irving Police Gang Unit Officer and a civilian witness all three tied to this murder investigation all died within a few months before trial with cause of death investigation outcomes that merit further investigation.

Unaware that they were stolen, the gun store across the street from the church was a recipient of 3 of these stolen guns.

Regardless if the gun theft activity is tied to Missy’s murder, it speaks to the character and integrity of the LE agencies/officials within Ellis County and the Midlothian Police Department’s silence speaks to an issue of the abuse of power, obstruction of justice and lack of accountability.

We hold our public officials to the highest of standards and when there is a shared concern of this size and scale among citizens over the course of many years, Federal intervention is the only course of action to impose change. A good majority of the residents of Midlothian are living in fear and consequently, they remain silent. There are many who have tried to come forward but were either retaliated against or threatened into silence. Missy’s mother and brothers have also remained silent without any advocating on her behalf and her 16 year old daughter recently went as far as raising $15,000 to further fund the investigation. This is not ok.

This investigation should focus on the evident corruption and coercion, conflict of interest, abuse of power and obstruction of justice with shared responsibility within the City of Midlothian, Ellis County and State of Texas representatives. Given the well documented pattern of abuse over the course of many years, any criminal proceedings brought before any court other than the Federal courts that are responsible for hearing capital cases would not only be dangerous but is unjust and unconstitutional - no one is above the law.  

We stand in uniform as we present this petition for change. "We the People" assert that a Federal investigation into these agencies is necessary to demonstrate America's commitment to restoring a sense of fairness within all justice systems across America, and to show the world that the state of Texas, nor our country, will stand for abuse of power NOR corruption in our society!

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At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!