Ban on Fireworks

Ban on Fireworks

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Started by michelle nel

A total ban on fireworks no matter the occasion! 

Animals get hurt in the process of the noise and drunk people think they are great by doing stupid things with the animals with the fireworks and are irresponsible. Animals get lost.

Adults &  children with autism suffer badly with the noise.

Children also get hurt badly with fireworks.

Bees get disorientated and dont go back to their hives. Birds have panic attacks at night and causes mass deaths. Wild animalls abandon their dens in fear. Companion animals have anxiety & panic attacks. Humans have PTSD. 

Their is no consiseration for the elderly & community! And all of this is due to alchohol related stupidity! No safety pre cautions within a residential area. People are ignoring the law / permits. Retailers are also not adhering to the law / permits. Retailers hire casual staff to sell fireworks on the streets & residential areas. 

Emough is enough now! We sit with this issue every year! The TMPD do not have the staff or funds to attend to cimplaints. Since the school holidays up until tonight@ 22h30 on the 1st Jan we still have fireworks going off! The municipalities must take action and ban fireworks immediately!





991 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!