Petition to allow the Alpha House to remain in it's current location

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The Alpha House is a rehabilitation centre that is available for individuals struggling with addiction, as well as mental and physical health issues. It is currently located on 15th avenue in downtown Calgary.

There is currently a petition in place working towards relocating the Alpha House. This petition claims that the Alpha House is at its capacity and is turning away individuals in need of accessing the resource, thus increasing crime rates in the neighbourhood. The individuals who are utilizing this resource often belong to a vulnerable population, and face stigma and discrimination in their daily life. Addiction is not a choice, it is a disease and the opioid crisis is spreading throughout the nation. The appropriate method to address the opioid crisis is not to move it out of sight but rather allocate resources and provide accessibility to those who need it. 

The Alpha House works with the philosophy of harm reduction. Harm reduction is a means of treatment that focuses on reducing the risk of harm associated with high risk activities. Some of the ways in which the Alpha House implements harm reduction is through it's housing, detox and transitional programs. Each of these programs provides resources to individuals in each stage of addiction. 

By relocating the Alpha House you are making it less accessible for those utilizing it.  A lot of the individuals using the Alpha House are experiencing homelessness and do not have access to means of transportation. Having it located downtown provides access to a majority of the people who are in need of the Alpha House programs. 

I'm asking all of you to sign this petition to allow for the Alpha House to remain in it's current location. It is an important community program that provides resources to Calgary's stigmatized and vulnerable populations. This population deserves a fighting chance to access the resources that they need to battle their addictions. 

The Alpha House has been functioning in Calgarys downtown core for 37 years, and they need Calgarys support to keep the great work that they do. 

I am not affiliated with the Alpha House, but rather a concerned citizen who has seen it's benefits.