Public toilets with proper sanitation

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As we all are aware from the word 'hygiene' so we should also know in what way we can live without any germs or other major diseases which really affecting the human heath badly.

So, firstly I would like to discuss about public toilets.  which are still not available in most of the cities .Even if they subsist but not in a large number and they are not hygienic. 

This is mostly effecting to women.As we all are aware,  that women are known as goddess 'laxmi'. No woman can piss publicly. As men sometimes do(Though men should not do).Public toilets are much needed for women in any circumstances for eg. Menstruation cycle .At that time, not every woman can avail the proper facility outside her house. Due to the narrow minded people,she(woman) always care for her self respect .Not every, but most of the people treat women as an incompetent person as she has done some crime .

Guys, It is a pleasure which is only given to the beautiful creature i. e. Women by god. So there should no need to commenting anything foul to women . As a human, We all should raise our voice for this petition. There should be proper toilets in every village, towns, city and should be large in numbers. Every 5 kilometres of distance there should be separate and hygienic toilet .Every public toilet assistant should provide sanitary napkins to women in need, Proper dustbin should be there as we are talking about 'hygiene'.This work should be done in very pleasurable way so no woman can feel uncomfortable to use them.

  • There should be tagline for public toilets which should written at the top of every toilets i. e...  'Our pleasure for helping you'