Tree Pruning or Butchering?

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In a city like Mumbai,A green patch is like an oasis in a desert.However many a people continue to treat these very lungs(Trees) of our Society as dumb structures. It is time authorities recognize this and protect trees rather than succumb easily to cutting requests.It is absolutely detrimental to hand over this responsibility to some private contractors who know nothing of trees or pruning.They end up butchering the trees.Can we be mute spectators to ruthless cutting.It is time that one of the richest Corporations in the World adopt new gadgets/lifts & expert opinion to pruning.Further it is time to document the 'Tree Pruning Policy' & ensure that these very lungs are not punctured.These trees have taken years to grow to this size ,their fate cannot be decided in minutes.Even the worst of criminals get a chance to approach higher courts & Mercy Petitions. Then why not these dumb selfless oxygen providers. Every tree has its own structure,every tree cannot look like a coconut tree post pruning.