Make Faridabad Garbage-Free!

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Faridabad is the largest city of Haryana, yet the condition of the city is far from acceptable.

The problem of plastic and garbage is unprecedented in the city. It exists at NIT, Sector 21B, Sector 15, Sector 15A, Sainik Colony and many more places  which are economic and residential hotspots of the city.

  • There are heaps of visible spots of open garbage disposal everywhere in the city.
  • The garbage is collected from home but thrown everywhere at the open disposal spots where stray cattle and pigs feed on it. Whenever your drive through the city, you can see the heaps of garbage spilled over on roads which is a threat to public health and civic sense.
  • Faridabad has been ranked consistently in the Top 10 Most Polluted Cities of the World. (WHO data) 
  • There are lots of Street vendors In all the markets of NIT, Sector 15. They don’t have dustbins and the problem of garbage and plastic disposal Is huge. 
  • Problem of public drinking because of the liquor shops. It affects women safety as well as civic order in general.

The administration of Faridabad is capable and swift but there seems to be a problem in connecting with the people. Through this petition we aim to get our concerns addressed. 

General health, safety and cleanliness is something that everyone aspires. It’s not a luxury, it’s a basic right as a citizen. Thus we hope that the concerned authorities take swift action and together we can make Faridabad on the level of global cities.