Release the funds, don't shut Friendicoes down!


Release the funds, don't shut Friendicoes down!

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Mr. P.K. Gupta (Commissioner North Delhi Municipal Corporation) (Commissioner North Delhi Municipal Corporation) and

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Started by Rhea Lopez

This is Blindey.

He was found on the side of a Delhi street, eyes gouged out, whimpering in pain, lying in a pool of his own blood. Friendicoes rescued him.

They couldn't save his eyesight but they did save his life. Today, Blindey is one of the 500+ permanent canine residents at Friendicoes. 

But not for long. Friendcoes is about to shut down because they've run out of money. Municipal Corporation of Delhi owes Friendicoes Rs. 38 lakhs and they haven’t paid up.

Sign my petition and ask MCD to release the funds to Friendicoes.

Imagine if Friendicoes didn’t exist. Or ceased to exist. I’ve known Friendicoes as a volunteer, as someone who’s dropped off sick dogs at their shelter and called in injured animals. For 40 years, Friendicoes has stuck to its policy of ‘No animal turned away, no animal left untreated. Never say no.

They run a 24 hour rescue helpline, an ambulance service, they vaccinate and neuter strays and treat horses and mules via a mobile clinic.

Friendicoes is paying for its generosity, they’re spending more on animal care than they can afford, and have accumulated unpaid medical and food bills of more than Rs. 82 Lakhs.

Their sterilization and vaccination programme is run in collaboration with the MCD but the MCD hasn’t cleared payment since October 2014, amounting to Rs. 38 Lakhs.

This debt will shut down Friendicoes- if the MCD doesn’t release the payment right away.

Sign and share my petition and help Friendicoes so they can continue to help animals in need.

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This petition made change with 10,896 supporters!

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