Improve the waste management system in Delhi

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4.74 million tonnes of garbage is lying at Ghazipur landfill site. The trash mountain has reached height barely 20 metres short of Qutub Minar, the world’s longest brick minaret.

The overflowing Landfill impacts lives of more than 30 lakh people living within 10 km area of the landfill and the nearest residential settlement is just 200 metres away. Not only the residents of the surrounding localities are affected but also the quality of air is degraded. This eventually leads to rise in pollution level and in numerous diseases. 9,872 people in Delhi died of major respiratory diseases in 2017, which amounts to around 27 deaths per day. They are our family, friends, acquaintances. Knowing that we lose them because of our own mistakes, is saddening.

The nearby Sanjay Lake and the already dying Yamuna River are also in grave danger.

“A large portion of the 50-metre-high Ghazipur dumpsite in East Delhi collapsed on September 1 2017, leaving at least two people dead. The accident, however, has been in the making for years, as the 33-year-old dumpsite was saturated with garbage, having exceeded its capacity in 2004. Experts had warned the governing East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) about the danger, yet, over 2,000 tonnes of mixed garbage is dumped in Ghazipur every day.”

Two innocents lost their lives because of our inconsiderate behaviour and the ignorance of the EDMC.

Nothing can be done to change the past and so much depends on our actions for today.

In contrast with Delhi, since 2016, Indore’s municipal corporation has eliminated garbage dumps, ensured 100% household-waste segregation and converted waste to usable products, such as compost and fuel. It partnered with non-governmental organisations for an awareness campaign to change the behaviour of its citizens, contracted private companies to run some waste management operations, used technology, and improved municipal capacity to ensure the implementation of its waste management plan. Garbage is collected door to door now, and their life quality has ameliorated.

If they can do it, so can we.

Government alone is not responsible to change everything. We should also participate and move towards a healthier and safer lifestyle.

The CORONA PANDEMIC has reduced the pollution levels and decreased the overall garbage production. But how long will this last?

  1. We have to remould our lifestyle now or it might be too late!

This is a reminder to the citizens of Delhi that never do the opportunities, to build a better tomorrow, end.

Waste management is a global problem. We only have one Earth!

We have started this petition to bring it to the notice of every single citizen of Delhi, that the city is drowning in trash. Improper disposal of waste has been overlooked for so long that the capital’s oldest garbage dump site is almost like a landmark.


• Reducing your consumption of goods will reduce the garbage generated.
• Use alternatives for plastic.
• Follow the 4R’s.
o Reduce
o Reuse
o Refuse
o Recycle
• Ensure segregation of waste.


Don’t participate thinking it’s for you, rather for your children.

PLEASE sign the petition and share it with others. Help us in bringing back the Green.