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Batti Jalao - Improvement in Street Lighting in Delhi

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Delhi is unsafe-this is a fact that we are all aware of, and we have time and again tried to come up with long-term solutions to change this fact. However, there has been a very little change in the scenario, and this change is mostly taking place at a snails’ pace.

The idea behind this Petition is to make Delhi a tad bit safer by installing street lights throughout the city. Since the metro network is expanding rapidly and it is one of the most convenient and most used means of transportation for us today, even for working women, this Petition focuses on the metro stations in particular.

 Prepare a comprehensive list of all the metro stations in Delhi.

 Chalk out areas around, (at least a kilometre around these stations) and prepare a report regarding the condition of street lights in these areas.

 Use this report to approach authorities and get the problem of street lights fixed.

I have a personal belief that a lot of crimes can be avoided in well-lit environment. The ‘victim’ feels safer if the roads/parks/other public spaces are well-lit, and the ‘offender’ is less likely to strike in a place where s/he can easily be identified.

Join me in taking this step in making Delhi a safer place.