Increase the number of feeding rooms in Mumbai

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In our country where there is a baby born after every 7 seconds, feeding rooms or nursing rooms are a basic necessity. We have public toilets, public drinking water systems but no breastfeeding centres. Many countries across the world have feeding centres and child care rooms. We talk about growing and developing by learning from in and around the world, but still, we have not come to achieve such a basic necessity. Mothers breastfeed their kids for more than 20 months and that is a way a howling baby will comfort and soothe and sleep or relax. This is a basic necessity and public breastfeeding is just not an option. When the government of India is supporting exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of the kids life, a baisc necessity like a feeding room cannot be ignored. I along with many new moms have suffered long enough when they had to feed a howling and a hungry baby in the back of a car or rush to a dirty & and a hot toilet. This is just enough. I urge all the moms and to support me in making feeding rooms in every Restaurant, 5 stars, Hospitals, Cafes, Airports, Gardens, and public places frequented by new mothes a necessity.