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Let Elliot Game During the School Week

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For many years, I have been unable to unleash my true gaming potential. My beast of a gaming rig has slowly sat in the study, gathering dust, when it could be powered on; fueling my gaming needs. I hear many of you ask, "Elliot you absolute idiot, why don't you just go downstairs right now, power up your PC and fuel your passion as a pro gamer?!!"  You are not the first, nor the last to be asking this question my friend. Others may also ask "Elliot, why not just have a reasonable conversation with your parents? You could bring up your relevant points and come to a compromise!"  Shut up.

You see, for many years now, my ability to game during the week has been shackled and restrained. The source of this control? An extremist group known as The Parents. The Parents show no mercy to my cause when keeping me and my PC apart, like two long-distanced lovers. They don't understand the connection I have with her, the relationship that I have built over so many years. For decades I have tried to reason with The Parents, but they choose to filter out my cries.

As a last resort, I have crawled to; a place for the people. With your support I can return to the world of gaming! With your support I will bring power back to my mighty gaming PC. With your support, I will conquer all those that stand in my way. If you are not willing to do it for me, do it for my PC........



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