Stop Vindictive Overzealous Prosecution, Reduce Sentence, Let my Brother come home

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What inspired me to start this petition is witnessing first hand the Overzealous, Vindictive Prosecution of my little brother who is serving a 204 month prison sentence for Assault 5 and Burglary 1. This was a family isolated incident, all we wanted was for my brother to get the help he needed, my brother has suffered mental health issues his entire life, he stopped taking his medication and started doing drugs. The prosecuting attorney had promised the victims that she was going to offer my brother a deal of 3 year's prison with 2 years supervised probation, mandatory drug and alcohol treatment, the prosecutor then lied to the victims by stating that she did offer my brother a deal which he declined to take, he was never offered any deal leaving him no other choice but to take it to trial. My brothers rights to a fast and speedy trial was denied. Due process of law violated considering the court allowed a surprise witness who only had hearsay testimony to offer. A police officer read statements on behalf of another police officer. Just to name a few. My family had depended on the legal system and the legal system has destroyed our family. My Nephews and Niece are left to be raised without a father. We all are affected by this injustice, we struggle everyday unable to hire an appeal attorney that my brother deserves. We wouldn't have to be going through any of this if our legal system wasn't full of so much corruption. Prosecutors should be held accountable for their action's. We should be able to trust that they honor the oath they swore to abide by. What good is the Constitution if nobody is forced to follow it? I admit I am a bit hesitant on starting this petition for the fact that they always seem to find ways to make people's lives harder then they already are but I can't just sit back and do nothing. 144 months of my brothers sentence are months to be served with no possible good time. My brother is far from being perfect but in no way did he deserve this. People should be outraged by the corruption taking place in our legal system. Nobody is safe when it comes to injustice, you never know, it just may be you or your loved one someday. Something else that really gets to me is how the Judge made my brothers children move to the other side of the courtroom away from their dad, the judge told my brother infront of his children at sentencing that he doesn't love his children and never has, that statement is the farthest thing from the truth that I have ever heard. My nephew and niece left that courtroom heart broken. The Prosecutor arrested one of the alleged victims, held her on unrelated charges to force her to testify, they also threatened to take her daughter away if she didn't do what they wanted her to do. At my Brothers trial, during my testimony, the prosecutor objected and the judge responds by saying, now what was it? I wasnt paying any attention. I truly have a hard time believing that situations like this happen everyday and prosecutors are not being held accountable for their misconduct.