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Pictured: Belle (left) and Rosie (right)

My father had bought MultiCrops ‘Multiguard Snail and Slug Pellets' in good faith - under the impression that it was animal friendly. He was misled by the caption on the front stating; “Specially formulated for use by people who care about their pets, native birds, fauna and earthworms” alongside a silhouette of a dog and a cat with an image of a snail and slug in a prohibition sign beside it. 
My dog, Rosie, unfortunately ripped into this bag and ate an estimate of 500g of the pellets. She was initially hospitalised for a week, but then had two further hospitalisations due to complications from the pellets and sadly died on the 23rd of November.

This advertisement is misleading as it implies that the product is safe for pets, which it is not.

And as stated in Australian Consumer Law -  "The prohibition on misleading conduct is set out in section 18(1) of the Australian Consumer Law:[1]
"A person must not, in trade or commerce, engage in conduct that is misleading or deceptive or is likely to mislead or deceive.""

Although Iron EDTA snail pellets aren’t as toxic as traditional snail pellets containing metaldehyde or methiocarb. If the animal is not treated immediately after ingestion, it can be just as deadly. Gradually poisoning your pet in low doses, leading to unexpected renal failure. And in Rosie's case; impacted her stomach lining and kidneys; preventing the absorption of nutrients and proteins. 

The packaging is also a major concern. The current packaging is a soft plastic, which is easily punctured. It should be changed to a pail or bucket to increase the safety of the product and reduce capacity for access. 

I am urgently calling MultiCrop to:

1) Clearly state on the front of the package that this is toxic to animals and domestic pets

2) Change the packaging to a pail/bucket 

The past month has been a highly emotional and distressing time for us all; as a family and for the community that knew and continues to love Rosie. 

Please join my campaign and help make sure that no other pet owner is misled and has to go through the heartbreaking ordeal of having to literally watch your dog deteriorate in front of your eyes despite all measures taken to help her. 

Thank you so much,

Sophie, Beth, Michael, Josh and Belle �