Protect Pine River Valley

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The development proposal at Mansfield Ski Club, under their new subsidiary Mansfield Property Management, for 93 stacked condo units in a parking lot does not preserve the rural character of Mulmur and sets a terrible precedent for future developments in our Township and surrounding areas. The proposal for treated sewage to enter the Pine River is irresponsible. Increased water demands on the river may adversely impact local residents’ wells and the new development and parking lot expansion will contribute to increased stormwater runoff.  The taxpayers of Mulmur could bear the burden of taking over the assets/infrastructure if something goes wrong, without any benefit from the development to residents. It’s the wrong type of development in the wrong place! Please stop this proposal.

RE: Inappropriate development by Mansfield Ski Club

Dear Mayor Horner and Mulmur Council,

The Mansfield Ski Club (MSC), under its new subsidiary, Mansfield Property Management (MPM) is proposing a deposit-funded development plan of six blocks of stacked townhouses, as well as two commercial retail blocks with residential lofts above. In total, 93 residential units would be created in their parking lot. The commercial and residential space would be available for year-round occupancy, Promotional information says purchasers may then rent their units out with approval by the board.

Mansfield Property Management is not a developer. It does not have the financial reserves to mitigate risks to the community and the environment. This development will add treated effluent to the Pine River, an important ecosystem which supports a diversity of fish, fauna, and wildlife in Mulmur, connects to the Nottawasaga River which flows through the internationally significant Minesing Wetlands. Many residents and visitors fish and swim in the Pine River or hike alongside in its surrounding fields and forests. In our current times, we recognize the importance of protecting water, our natural heritage assets and rural landscape.

Several neighbourhoods and properties in the vicinity of MSC already experience damage from stormwater runoff especially with the impact of climate change on precipitation resulting in heavy downpours over short periods of time. 

If approved, this development will set a precedent for Mulmur and nearby communities—zoning can be changed and high density developments are welcome in a rural setting. We are not against development. We are concerned citizens who want to ensure our community and environment is not negatively impacted by high density, unsustainable expansion.  In fact, we encourage environmentally sustainable site design, water conservation, environmental energy and material choices, and preserving the scenic beauty of Mulmur.

There are too many risks to the Pine River ecosystem, the surrounding neighbourhoods, and of a development that may fail within years and become a burden on the Township.

We ask Mulmur Council to reject this site application plan.