Price Drop Equivalent Refund for JioFi Device Early Customers

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Price Drop Equivalent Refund for JioFi Device Early Customers

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From few months Jio is adopting more and more customers by providing lucrative offers viz. Free 4G Data, Calls and SMS on getting Jio SIM on any Partner Manufacturer's Device.

2 Weeks ago, Reliance Jio introduced JioFi Devices which were sold at price of Rs.2,899, which attracted millions of customers.

However suddenly Jio has come up a price drop of Rs.999. Now the same device is being given at a rate of Rs.1,999. See the Official Website of Reliance Digital.

Due to which customers who have already purchased JioFi devices are feeling being cheated.

History shows whenever there was such situation, companies have refunded the discounted money to the previous recent customers like happened in Yu Yureka Case.

Please sign my petition to send this request to Mukesh Ambani to refund the discounted amount Rs.999 to respective owners who have purchased the devices at Rs.2,899.

Your petition can help more than 2 Million customers get their Rs.999 back.


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This petition had 140 supporters

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