7 November 2022
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Why this petition matters


I have been approached by some of our teachers (names withheld) until further notice. Collectively, we need to take some sort of industrial action against the school's (Mugwanya Summit College) Board of Directors.

A while ago someone told us we had to involve the school in anything we do, and as much as that made a lot of sense, it was not going to meet the end of the day for the simple reason that some board members of Mugwanya Summit College were self-centered and did not value anything like a legacy, and the spirit that we have as old students, in fact, the spirit we have as old students have somewhat come out as a threat to some of the board members interests - I am particularly categoric when I say some of the board members because even though the majority of the board members of the school are self-centered, there are some few that still uphold the spirit of Summit College and who as equally as we looked at Summit College not only as a business but something that brought together a conglomerate of valuable people, desirous of creating great minds and things together. Today, these Board Members who some of our colleagues still had hope in resolved to sell the school to some Iranian Investors who will erase the school from existence. I would like to reiterate that the teachers of Mugwanya Summit College who hold the school in high esteem would similarly want to see this school continue to exist, and as such seek that we join them in petitioning against this sale which will make our school extinct. You might seat back and think this does not concern you but you should know that if your academic papers are going to hold that you went to Mugwanya Summit College, it will eventually catch up with you when you have nowhere to coordinate your hard-earned academic achievement. It is therefore pertinent, and inevitable that we all involve ourselves in preventing this sale from taking place before alternative means are sought in which we shall continue to thrive as the old students of Mugwanya Summit College. This action is a disgrace to the memory of Mr. Kiyaga Martin and all his friends with whom he worked and mobilized finances to make Mugwanya Summit College the pillar that stands on Kyengera Hill. The Board members may want to fill their pockets, but we want to keep the heritage we adorned when we went to Mugwanya Summit College. Allow me to place the letter I got from some teachers here below. 

*I QUOTE:* `

``"I have received information that the Board of Directors is in the final steps of selling our school to Iranians. And that their intention is to close the school and instead establish a tertiary institution.  As Old students, this is highly unacceptable. Am seeking help from concerned old students to task these 'old men' to tell us where our school will be, where our academic documents will be picked up, who will sign our recommendation letters in case of need, who will certify our documents, where will the existing students go????? It's time to fight for our school. I have tried to call you for the past few days but your phone is picked by a certain lady who claims not to know you. I have also failed to get Sekandi's phone. Send me your phone number and we talk more about on way forward."```  This above was the message sent to me. If there is anything to reclaim, it could be our school, there must be a plan to allow us reclaim ourselves, - "A school is not just any business, its a heritage given to everyone that goes through it" .

*Actions to be taken*

1. Petition court against the sale,

2. Block the sale for non-involvement of student representatives on pathways to consolidate the interests of students in the school.

3. Let the Iranians know that their Tertiary Institution might not have students as we shall stretch the process of this court action.

4. Alienation of the concerns of current and past students in negotiating the sale.

5. Mobilize Funds to cater for a courts action

6. Sign this digital petition

7. Raise Funds to Buy our School and establish it under a cooperative of old students

8. Conduct a Peaceful Demonstration against the sale of the school.

9. Invite all friends in Journalism to help address this issue, or help us connect to people that will help us address it



On behalf of the Old Students of Mugwanya Summit College



1. Support us financially by sending Mobile/Airtel Money to 0775504493/0758613107/‪0701040105 when you send your support of any amount starting from 1000 UGX and more, please call the number you sent to and give us your names for record-keeping that is if you want your support to be noticed in your name.

2. Prepare to participate in a 'peaceful' demonstration soon at Mugwanya Summit College.

3. Join the discussion on the Telegram channel on the kink

4. Sign this online petition

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Signatures: 66Next Goal: 100
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