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Save the endangered Lesser adjutant in Muar, Johor

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”—Edmund Burke.

If we take no action, we will lose these birds forever.

A large flock of birds from the stork family are seen building nest behind the neighborhood of Jalan Haji Yunus, Muar, Johor. The bird is later being identified as the Lesser adjutant, a vulnerable bird species classified by IUCN ( International Union for the Conservation of Nature). There are only 200 lesser adjutants in Malaysia and we have 20 of them here at our backyard!

It is a spectacular sight to observe these large storks frolicking and nesting on treetops of the untouched land behind the neighborhood. It is great pleasure to see these birds returning in the evening with the whoosh of flapping wings, resembles of those rhinoceros hornbills. The high and thick canopy of this virgin land is a perfect breeding ground for wild birds. Once a giant spotted owl even came visited.

Until one day there comes the bulldozer to clear the jungle and flattened the ground, in the name of development. Bulldozer cleared half of the land and the project halted. Volunteer went to Pejabat Tanah Muar to find the land owner but effort was proved futile. We hope to bring this issue to them so they will not sacrifice these beautiful wildlife for housing development. We wish development will not involve these breeding ground and its vicinity. 

Join us and sign this petition! You can save the birds.  

This petition was delivered to:
  • Muar district officer Ramlee A. Rahman
  • Ahli dewan rakyat muar Y.B. Dato' Razali bin Ibrahim
  • Pejabat tanah Muar
  • Malaysia wildlife society
  • Wildlife Conservation Society
  • Muar municipal counsil Jamaludin Bin Haji A. Hamid

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