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MTV: Take Jenelle Evans off Teen Mom 2

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Jenelle Evans is a perfect example of so many people hate this show. So much money is being thrown at this girl, for getting pregnant at 16. She does not have custody of her child. She has been in trouble with the law constantly over the years for various things like violence, drugs, and cyber-stalking.

She hops from one guy to the next. She has claimed that every one of her boyfriends have abused her, and then presses charges. Yet she takes them back once she breaks up with her guy of the minute. She has severe mental problems and addiction issues. She is a pathological liar. She puts people private information on twitter to get her followers to harass them. She has been involuntarily committed to a mental institution and she has been proven to be using heroin.

She recently got married to a man she barely knew or had a relationshiop with, and ended up "pregnant" again. Which was most likely faked in order to get drug money. Had she actually been pregnant, whether it ended with an actual miscarriage, or she chose to have an abortion, she has to be the most heartless women in the world. She has no attachment what-so-ever to the children she creates! One day after her supposed miscarriage she's partying, joking, and guy hopping once again.

This is just getting sad MTV. Jenelle is obviously way worse of a trainwreck than Amber of the original Teen Mom cast. She is going to end up dead from an overdose and its going to be the money from MTV that makes it happen. MTV is morally obligated to cut Jenelle off and show that they do not support her behavior.

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